Bite Beauty Everyday Agave Lip Collection Lip Mask and Lip Balm

Bite Beauty recently came out with the Everyday Agave Lip Collection. Previously, they produced an Agave Lip Mask (pictured above on the right), which is intended to be an intensive leave-on lip treatment. I love this product more than any other lip product I’ve ever tried. I purchased it last year for the first time, and I recently repurchased it during the Sephora VIB sale. My lips are so dry that I often use this product as an everyday balm, although it is very goopy, thick and heavy. I also think the way the product comes out of a squeeze tube makes it somewhat inconvenient to apply as the day goes by. I work in a neuroscience lab and my fingers get dirty, so I can’t really squeeze it out of the tube and apply it evenly with my fingers like I would like to.

When Bite announced the Everyday Agave collection featuring the Lip Balm (pictured above on the left), I got VERY excited. More excited than most people probably get about lip balm. Like the mask, the balm contains pharmaceutical grade lanolin as well as agave and shea butter for a really good moisturizing effect. More importantly, it stays on pretty well. Not quite as well as the mask, so I would recommend the mask for overnight hydration but the balm is pretty much ideal for a daytime chapstick-type product. I find that even when it wears off, my lips aren’t left feeling extremely dry and yearning for more product. Some chapsticks that I have tried have kind of an addictive effect where you have to keep applying more and more to keep your lips hydrated. In contrast, this balm product actually helps heal the dryness in my lips, much like the mask. I notice overtime my lips have less fine lines in them and less flaky dry patches.

The lip mask is $26 and you receive 0.52 oz. The balm is $18 and you get 0.15 oz. For cheaper alternatives, I recommend either Aquaphor or other lanolin-based products, if you do not have a lanolin allergy.

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