My New Year’s Eve Makeup: A Tutorial

Happy New Year! I think the general consensus was that 2016 was a flop so I’m being a little cautiously optimistic about 2017. I don’t really do the whole resolution thing, but there are a few things I’m trying to accomplish this year. I want to take the GRE and do well on it, submit my applications to graduate programs, and experiment more with my makeup. Last night, I did a look that I loved. I feel like any time I use the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette, I am so happy with my makeup. That palette was absolutely the best eyeshadow I bought in 2016, and I’ll be following ABH cosmetics closely in 2017.

20161231_234422667_iosI did a warm halo eye last night that I paired with my favorite nude lip (Bite Amuse Bouche in Honeycomb) to go out to a speakeasy bar, drink, and hang out with people I love. It’s a pretty simple look – all you need is some time and some blending brushes. All shadows mentioned are from the Modern Renaissance palette.

  1. Put down your favorite eyeshadow base, whatever that may be. Some people use concealer, but my eyes are somewhat hooded and deep set, so I find that creases too much on me. I like Too Faced Shadow Insurance.
  2. Set the base with a eyeshadow that closely matches your skintone. I used Tempera, which is a satiny/slightly shimmery, warm, light beige. If you have darker skin, Raw Sienna or Warm Taupe could work. Alternately, use any shadow you have or translucent powder.
  3. Grab your fluffiest blending brush (I used a MAC 224) and Raw Sienna. This will be the transition shade that you will bring up the highest which is why you use your fluffiest brush. Again, if you have darker skin, use a color slightly darker than your skintone for your transition. Blend this using windshield wiper motions in your crease, but also make sure to do circular motions to create that blown out, soft effect.20161231_234320460_ios
  4. Get a slightly less fluffy blending brush (I used the MAC 217) and Burnt Orange. Do basically the same thing you did with Raw Sienna except keep this color slightly lower and tighter in your crease. It’s ok if you get color on your eyelid because it’ll just get covered by other colors later.
  5. On a pencil brush (I used one from e.l.f.) or any smaller brush that you would use to highlight your inner corners, get Red Ochre and put it on your outer V and inner corner. This is when we start to do the halo. I got a clean blending brush to blend the red color out and make it look soft. Blend the same as before, but be careful to not connect the outside and inside too much or you’ll lose that halo effect.
  6. I got a little bit of Love Letter on another brush (I used one from Wet N Wild) just to blend out the edges of the red just a bit more and add a little pink.
  7. Blend out the crease more using the same Burnt Orange color and that corresponding blending brush. Halo eyes are all about the softness, so blend until your hand is about to fall off.
  8. You can use your finger or a brush for this part. I used a Tarte shader brush to pack some Primavera into the center of my lid. I blended out the edges with the same Burnt Orange brush from before. I went back in with the Tarte brush and Primavera, but I sprayed some Fix+ onto my brush after picking up the Primavera to make the color pop on my lid. Then (you guessed it), I went back in and blended that out.
  9. That’s it!

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