Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow

There has been so much hype around these eye shadows all over YouTube, Instagram, and blogs that I just had to give them a try. Around New Year’s, I wanted to pick up a gold glitter so I went into Ulta to buy the Urban Decay gold glitter liquid liner, but of course, everyone else had the same New Year’s Eve makeup idea that I had and it was out of stock. Since then, I’ve had a real need to get my hands on some gold glitter, and this Stila liquid eye shadow seemed like the perfect opportunity. I bought the shade “Gold Goddess” off of Sephora’s site (currently all of the shades are in stock except “Molten Midnight”).

Each of these liquid glitters is $24.00, and you get 0.15 oz (or 4.5 ml). That is on the steep side in terms of price, although the UD liners are around the same price. These shadows are described as “a brilliant and long-wearing, liquid glitter eyeshadow.” That is exactly what it is. These are liquid glitter. If you do not like glitter, stay away. However, if you like glitter (and know how annoying it can sometimes be), I think you will really like these.

They swatch nicely on the hand, and show up just as pigmented on the eyelid. The doe foot applicator makes it easy to apply. I recommend patting the shadow in with your fingers once it’s on the lid to blend. They dry quickly, so work fast. To my fellow hooded-eye people that have been questioning purchasing this: I hear your concerns about the shadow transferring to your top lid throughout the day. I can honestly say though that this did not happen to me. As the shadow was drying for about 30 seconds, I looked down so as not to crease the shadow or transfer it. After that, it was remarkably budge-proof. I don’t recommend touching the shadow too much after it’s dried because it can start to flake off and you’ll get fallout on your face and glitter on your fingers. But as long as it’s not messed with, it stays put.

Stila claims this can be worn over a base or another powder shadow. While it CAN and some people have said they had fine experiences with it over powder shadow, I think for me it performed better being placed directly on top of a tacky base (I used eyeshadow primer but glitter glue works). I had some minor glitter fallout onto my cheeks, but I notice the side that has been built up more always has more fallout. I would avoid trying to layer on too much of this. Apply it like a liquid lipstick; try to get it right in one or two opaque and precise swipes.

The effect on the eyelid is gorgeous. I got so many compliments, and I really noticed how my eyes popped. I have since ordered one of the duochromes that came out on Stila’s website (not yet Sephora or Ulta) and am so excited for it to get here. All in all, if you like glitter, you will like these. If you don’t, you probably won’t, but the ease of application might make it preferable to loose glitter.


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