Yesterday’s Face ft. Bite Amuse Bouche Lipstick

20170409_003628000_iOSI have a neutral skintone, so I can get away with either cool-toned or warm-toned lipsticks, but like everyone else on Earth, I was having a warm-toned moment up until now. I decided to change that up a bit with my look yesterday and try out this little sample I got of Bite Beauty’s Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Gazpacho. I’ve had this lipstick for a while, but I’ve honestly been a bit scared of it. I am used to neutral or warm-toned reds, and that is what I have been wearing for a long time now. Gazpacho, however, is a true blue-red, as it is described on Sephora’s website, and they really mean that. If you do not like blue-based reds, you will absolutely hate this, but if you love them, then buy this now.

The Amuse Bouche lipstick line is my all-time favorite lipstick formula, and every time I stray from it and buy a different lipstick, I regret it and come crawling back to worship at the altar of Amuse Bouche. I own Honeycomb (a beige nude), Gazpacho, and Liquorice (a dark purple-red). I plan on picking up some more during the Sephora spring sale (particularly the shade Cava, a lilac beige), and honestly, if I had the money, I’d buy the whole line. That’s how much I trust this formula. All other lipsticks are straight up dead to me.

Let me tell you why I love this formula so much. My lips are dry and flaky, and when I get anxious, I pick at them (cute, I know). Basically, they are in a state 100% of the time. The liquid lipstick trend was my mortal enemy. I still own a couple liquid lipsticks because I love the colors and mama didn’t raise no quitter, but honestly, I barely ever reach for them and I know it. I should just Kon-Mari the shit out of them because they do not bring me joy, but I’m not ready yet.

I do like other bullet lipsticks (MAC, for example) but Amuse Bouche is a particularly unique formula. They are very creamy, but I have not found them to smear or run outside of lip lines. I usually use them with a liner just to get a tight lip outline, but it’s not necessary. The colors are opaque – all of them. Pick any color you want, seriously. I have swatched them all at one point or another, and there is not a single dud. The line is consistent. They are moisturizing on the lips, and they don’t snag or gather on flaky patches. They absolutely do transfer onto cups when you drink and stuff like that, but so do all creamy lipsticks so whatever. Their wear time is what impressed me most.  These honestly stay on the lips for hours with no need to really touch up. And even when they start to fade, the color on your lips is so opaque and even that they don’t fade patchily; the whole lip starts to wear off so the color on your lips still looks even and not crazy. You can reapply with no problem, and they are all very buildable (not that you need it – one swipe will get you wonderfully opaque color).

Gazpacho has made me fall in love with cool tones all over again. The formula and the color and the way that it made my teeth seem SO white was just awesome, and I had to tell the world. Go get some Bite lipsticks if you haven’t already. Go. Now.


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