Review| Natasha Denona Sunset Eyeshadow Palette


So, I did it. I caved and bought the world’s most expensive eyeshadows (not really, but it feels like it). Natasha Denona is famous for her $230+ eyeshadow palettes that are so often hyped up on YouTube by beauty gurus and bloggers. Previous palettes haven’t really called my name, but this one finally did. This is the Sunset Eyeshadow Palette. It costs $129 and has 15 shades. Whenever anyone buys a Natasha Denona palette, the first thing they do is try to justify the price by dividing $129 by 15, and determining that if you bought each shadow individually, you’d only be spending $8.60 per shadow, which is cheaper than an Anastasia Beverly Hills single pan. I won’t do that though. The point of a palette is that it’s a curated set of shadows that are supposed to be cheaper than buying individual pans. This palette is expensive. No justification. If you can’t buy this palette without breaking the bank, don’t buy it. It’s just eyeshadow. Ok. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s move on.

The shadows in this palette are really a striking array of oranges, reds, yellows, coppers, mattes, shimmers…God, it’s just so pretty. The outside packaging is copper, and I honestly think the name is perfect. Every time I look at this palette, I think of the most striking red sunsets I witnessed and feel a sudden desire to try to paint that onto my face. Every single shadow in this palette is very warm-toned, so if you generally stray away from those tones, this isn’t for you. The colors in this palette generally get compared to the Modern Renaissance palette, and I do see the comparison. However, I own both of these palettes, and I honestly think they have a very different vibe. Modern Renaissance is more versatile, as it includes some cooler shades and more transition colors. The Sunset palette is gorgeous, but if I had one gripe with it, it would be that there is a lack of softer transition colors (at least for fair skin tones like mine; darker skin tones can get away with using a lot of the shades as transition). However, I don’t mind subbing in some transition shades from other palettes if I need to.

The mattes are beautiful, pigmented, and blendable. The shimmers pack nicely onto the lid. If you are familiar with how Colorpop’s Super Shock Shadows swatch and pack onto the lid, these look similar to those even though these are powders and the Super Shock shadows are creamier. All the colors are amazingly easy to work with. They are not as immediately pigmented as the Modern Renaissance shadows, but they still pack a punch.

The packaging feels sturdy and looks nice, although I will say that unlike many palettes, these shadow pans are level with the packaging around them. Because of that, when you dip your brush into them, the palette tends to get dirty, even though the shadows are not particularly powdery and don’t have a lot of kick back. I find myself cleaning between shadow pans more than with other palettes. This is obviously very nit-picky and doesn’t actually matter.

The wear time of the shadows is wonderful, although I have not tested them without a primer. I always prime my lids with Too Faced Shadow Insurance, so that’s how I wore these as well. They lasted well through a night out with little to no creasing or smearing, even though my eyes are hooded.

All in all, this palette is really nice. Unfortunately, it’s limited edition (BOO), but like most companies these days, I get the feeling Natasha Denona will make it permanent after seeing how well it’s selling. This is a marketing tactic that I despise, by the way. I almost didn’t buy the palette solely because of that. I am glad that I did ultimately buy it though, and I see myself using this a lot this summer. If you can afford to buy it, it’s a really nice palette. If not, get the Smashbox Covershot palette in Ablaze (I believe this is around $30) or the Modern Renaissance ($42) to get your warm toned shadows.


2 thoughts on “Review| Natasha Denona Sunset Eyeshadow Palette

  1. Such beautiful palette, I love pretty much all the shades, especially because they are warm-toned and perfect for creating several eye looks (I am nc42-44) Am so tempted to get my hands on this gorgeous one. ❤️🌺❤️ Great to hear good things about ABH modern renaissance palette, I just bought it yesterday 😊😃


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